The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

06/15/2012 Decent into the temple of darkness

the bold band of four now including the cleric Dulgar Son of Stone Cutter along with the now remembered elfrangerAllesandra,the stuby warrior Thorik and the handsome and devilishUgnatTunghead north to find a temple a day week or so north of there camps location.deciding that after not being able to open the door, they would split up and search around the temple in hopes of finding a way in. During this search Thoric and Rannulfr run into 4 goblin archers. In which land a hit on Dulgar.But do to the impressive assualt by Thoric 2 of the goblins died while the other two retreated behind the temple.Quickly the two sprint behind the temple running into two orc warriors as combat begins between the orcs and Thoric/Dulgar the other two Ugnat Tung and Allesandra hear the fighting and charge arround the corner ready for backstabs and flank damage. the orcs and goblins are than easily dealt with. with highted endorphins and muscular power the group pushes open the door at the front of the temple to find a small room with 4 doors in it two heading to the back of the temple, and the others heading to the left and right. The party decides to check all the doors for traps finding none the part loos to see that there is two rooms that have rugs in them at fist glance and the alter room/church hall.while moving along the walk ways the party is ambushed by 12 goblin archers who drop the halfling and hurt the rest of the part before running when 4 are killed 2 by Thoric, one by the dog, and 1 by Ugnat who had been healed by Dulgar. The party then decides to check the front two rooms in which one had a alter dagger and the other had a dwarf filled trap.(we pulled Thorik out)and then worked around it to end up finding a copper ring in one of the old worn out robes.The party at the advisory of the cleric then checked the cathedral for any more rooms and found a long hall with a staircase heading to the second floor. after a failed attempt to cover the stairs with a rock that was standing beside it.The party then searches the room to find a lever while arrows fly from the secound floor. with lever in hand the second floor is sealed off for now. The party decides to gather the lot and return to town to happily find a trader who happens to be just overrun with gold in pocket who gladly takes the loot in exchange for gold. Thorik then buys a different cart and mule, allesandra (had bout wool blankets and a necklacelast time in town) decided to save her money but still buys bowstrings.while ugnat goes throughout the town in search fr a little hired help. that leads him to a young warrior(Orin son of Gildar) ready to leave at the right price.speaking of right prices Thoric finds a old coach driver who decides to help move the cart for a price of his own. With garanteed plunder on the horizon the party heads back to the forsaken temple.



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