The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

06/15/2012 Persuit of adventure

While heading to the city of Ross to drop off the child, the trio decides to for a day go to a near village to renew supplies and sleep in a good well kept tavern. During which the meet a mage’s apprientice(Melissa) who decided that she would enjoy there company via an invite so as to pass the time on her journey to the north.Ross being to the north of this village allowed the trio to add this mage to there ranks if but until they reached there goal or decided to split ways. during the additional day spent i UGNAT TUNG THE CLIFFFALLER, once again successfully stole a purse full of coin from a unexpected passer by. In which he heard there was a bounty for the next day! lifting both the spirits of the halfling and dwarf as they realized the value of copper..And so the “beer fund” was formed from the copper at hand. with a weeks easy ride north to Ross the child and the goods were returned for a little gold,to be said better than none at all.the dwarf loses his favored black stone(black dragon egg)and leaves mind blown from the baronesses estate.(fantasy single home at center of town). After words the party decided to sell the cart and mule at an ok price to a stingy stable master in Ross. This of course at the advisory of the mage’s apprentice Melissa, who had better understanding of the journey north. As the party enters the room of the tavern for the day, Melisa begins to read a scroll in a foreign language(draconic), while simultaneously grabbing the party+dog and teleports them away,with little to no for warning in which almost leads to her demise when the dwarf and halfling think she is attacking. With small village to the north in sight an a small hut ahead the party follows Melissa into the hut(Oric the sear)who tells them that by tommorow night they will need to head to the north or they will all be in dire danger. But that they could stay at his place for the night to come. while getting drunk with the Thorik(the dwarf) the halfling(ugnat)leaves to go get better protection from the cold from the village storelodge.Getting a single wool blanket the happy halfling heads back to Orics hut,to find the Sear/cripple and Thorik hammered and the elf woman(forgot name)trying to share his sheets…… Maybe she got some of the drink aswell. With a refreshing bit of sleep and a massively hungover dwarf, the party gets supplies that might be needed while the dwarf and ulric speak to each other.while returning the halfling spots a bolt of lightning hitting outside the sear’s hut.rushing to check for dammage. the halfling finds a dwarf slightly singed putting his beans back in is pack,those being the explosive ones from before.with the elfwoman not far behind the trio heads to the north were they find that nght a campfire with a kind cleric waiting for them.



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