The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

Allesandra log

We were at Ulrick the cripple’s cabin as I played with Nessie, a tall human cleric walks up. He’s had dark hair and eyes like Thorik and cliff, but taller then me. He told us He was sent to cleanse or destroy the temple we found walking north, because Ulrick told us to go north. So we set off again for the 3rd time to the scary temple, that I don’t  wanna go into. But this time we have Thorik the dwarf fighter, Bjorn he’s a human cart driver, cliff faller the halfling theif and his young human body guard,  Dulgar and Anaximus  the two human Clerics.
As we’re all walking to the temple Nessie and I walk ahead of the others. Nessie runs off and well I follow her, as do the others. She take us to a cabin with the symbol of the traveling God on the door. And we stayed the night there, those that slept on the bed felt great and were healed, Now Thorik didn’t and felt like crap. Gornof stole a blanket and we all left. Then the blanket that Gornof took disappeared when he went to use it, it was gone. We traveled to the temple where we saw four wood elves and a someone small go in the temple the elves fired at us with there bows and say in Elvish “GO AWAY!!” over and over.
Thorik, Gornof, the body guard and Nessie run up to attack them, Cliff and I fire with are bows some hits are taken by all but we kill the four elves and all run to the door. Then we all move out of the way of the door then we opened the doors and arrows flew out hitting no one. Thorik RUNS in the temple attacking Them, There are six elves. I stayed by the door and fired my arrows at them, once we killed all of them and all took some hits to are health. Then we heard orcs and others things, we nail the door closed and go in to this room off to the side and Cliff opens the door and a big spider bigger then cliff jumps on him, I run to help I hit it then four baby spider attack me and Nessie, then Thorik runs in and helps. We kill all of then. The cleric helps us again, then on to the next room I look in and I see a brick that looks to move, so cliff the guy to always go first turns it and a smoke is released We all take damage. But then a door opens and we go in and there’s a goblin tied up for being good, he says they tied him up because he won’t do what they wanted. He heeled us and just left. And so did I. Some of the others stayed and some when to the cabin that helped us. I went to sell the stuff we took off the body’s of elves that hurt the others but not me. Go me and my elvish!!



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