The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

Return to the temple

We return to the adventures in the care of Ulrick The Cripple. We are but a few days from returning to the temple and i find myself saddened to leave for Ulrich has very good moonshine, but the chance for loot and fame over come me. On the day before we leave a human cleric by the name of Anaximus Gornof a missionary of the God Pelor. He was sent to cleanse or destroy the temple we intend to go through. He joins the group making us have two clerics, the beautiful half elf Allesandra and her dog Nessie, the annoying thief Ugnat and his body guard, and lastly I the great dwarven tank Thorik.

We start the week long trek back to the temple with no happenings but halfway through the dog Nessie picks up a trail to an old halfway house that has 7 beds and the symbol of the traveling God lies on the door. upon entering our clerics notice that the room is imbued with magic and the party decides to trust the beds and sleep while i keep watch throughout the night. The rest of the group awakens with a new vigor and new strength to get to the temple of evil and destroy it.

We then after continue to the temple and upon arrival find that it is guarded outside by 4 wood elves. As we come closer they attack and i lead a charge up to them as the elf and thief shoot from behind us. I valiantly kill 2 of the elves as the rest of the group cares for the other two. We then open the doors outward as a volley of six arrows pass through. I then lead a charge around the corner and i kill 3 of the elvish warriors while the rest take the other 3. we then loot and regroup inside the antechamber we found magical elven boots, an elven belt and short sword i try the belt but it quickly harms me and with help from the thief i get it off. however the elf finds that the rest of the gear works perfectly well for her. Next the elf her dog and the thief move to loot the other two rooms. in the first the thief is overcome by a spider slightly bigger then he and 4 baby spiders no bigger then tarantulas. he takes minor damage but also is poisoned. the elf becomes poisoned also. i then charge around the corner and take out the big spider and also two of the small ones. we check the rest of the room and find 2 vials i test one and find that they are health potion and i gain back the health from the damage caused by the elvish belt. we then go to the other room and find a brick switch seeing as i am the strongest i turn the switch and a gas hits me in the face causing damage to me once again. the switch did however open a door where we find a goblin tied up for being too good and says he will heal me if we let him free which we do. After doing this we throw all the loot on to the wagon and the elf , thief , dog and i go back to the travelers house and rest the elf then continues to the village to sell the goods while i and the thief join the rest of the group and we wait the return of the elf.



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