The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

The adventure continues

Seeing as I haven’t posted in a while I will give a brief summary of the occurrences that have happened thus far in the eyes of me Thorik the strong. We got our butt kicks pretty bad at the temple by a pesky goblin Mage. I lost most of my strength so we all retreated back to the town. While there we sold what loot we had and then decided to go to the bar. Me and UgnatTung the CliffFaller decided to by beer mugs that are kept at the tavern. While there I remembering our pony keg of fine wine traded it with the bar keep for a large keg of the nice moonshine that he marked as ours and he keeps it at his bar. Allesandra wanted to buy a horse but all there was in town where work horses. However our wise seer told us to wait. So we did and behold the lord of the land came with a large army for they were on a campaign further in the north fighting orcs and goblins we were able to both buy steeds which I named mine Bassi or little bear. We then soon after left back to go to the temple.
End of part 1



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