The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple


Ok so far the party has arived at the new Thorp only to be robbed by a party of 3 Orcs, 1 Half Orc, and a little boy who pick pocketed the parties halfling theif. After scouring the town they ran into the half orc and child. They proceced to get into a fight and thought they killed the Half Orc but the child got away. Later they follwed the Orcs and the child to the next town, but on the way they ran into a Ogre Magi pretenting to be a traveling Kolbold. This was acomplished using Illusionary magic. After sharing a meal and the Theif halflings poor attempt to gain a purse they parted way thanks to the half elf keeping the piece. For awhile they tracked the orc party and soon caught up to them outside of the eastern villiage. A battle ensued and the orcs were killied, but the child was not found. a couple of days later which much searching Alesandra the Half elf ranger picked up a trail to a shack in the valley south of the village. At this time they searched the shack finding a tunnel to a hidden dungeon. They proceeded to search the dungeon disarming some traps getting caught in others but soon found the loot and the child who was prisoner and was being forced to help the orcs. At the end the dwarf Thorack was thrilled to find a cask of very expensive wine of which some he drinks and sells the rest for a good bounty. The party has decided to return the child to his family in hopes for a reward since they believe he is from a weathly family.
The party is moving north to find his grandmother since his mother and father were killed by the orcs. So loaded down with booty on there newly purchased wagon the party traveles north.


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