Campaign History of The Northern Waste

History of Charbina a dark story

The renaissance is over and the darkness has risen. It is up to the people to determine who will rise as the new leaders of this dark age or who they will allow to govern them. One must select the role in which they wish to play in society and how they shall play their part in either disrupting or encouraging the foundation of law, society, trade, and religion. With support of others, almost anything is possible if one sets their mind to it. The question sits… what will one resolve to do or not do?

The year is 456 and the joy of domain was to be short-lived. The Erainians a human race once ruled this land but were not to be long lasting.
Their Fate was to be far different from that of the Orcs who would devour their lands, for they were doomed to perish utterly and to fade forever from this world. Yet they would not fall easily, nor fade quietly away, and before that hard day came upon them they would mark their passing with sword and song.
The people of Erain were few as the Orcs moved in and destroyed cities, killed leaders and the people fell in destruction. Time of the Orcs lasted for quite awile until the Swedes and Danes moved south.

The year was 503 and that Raine of the Orcs was to be short-lived.
At that time the Danes had not yet spread across the Charbina peninsula which would one day
become their home, but still clung to the cold, hard rock known then as Sea-Land, pressed hard on all sides by the raging ocean tides. Turbulent times would mold this sturdy people into a great seafaring race, proud and strong, whose descendants would range across the far reaches of the world in search of riches and fame. Vikings they would be called, and all who saw their sails would know fear and terror. But that time had not yet come but Before long they would follow the Swedes south.

Another race was on the rise at that time as well. They dwelt upon the rocky western shores of
Andakar , known then as Adakr-Land , the land of the Geats (Swedes), for so they were called. All along those shores they made their home, beside a frigid Northern Sea that swelled and crashed upon a broad and wild land of sprawling lakes and densely wooded slopes whose jagged peaks were crowned in spires of rugged stone. They, too, were a hearty folk and mighty in those days, already a proud seaworthy people who embraced the shores and the coastal lands that looked across high waves toward the southern realm of the war-famed Orcs . Many loved and feared them, and the tales told of their deeds are filled with dread and wonder.

It was 539 when the Northern Men moved south and made there way to the shores of the Orcs. After 50 years of war the Orcs fled to the South, East, and the West. The men of the north worked hard to develop the lands, established clans, and grew in power and wealth. They made treaties with the powers to the East and West. They mine ore and trade with the other nations to gain wealth and power. Soon they found new enemies to the south as they proceeded to the borders of the great river. After many battles they developed a border seperate from the savage men to the south. At times there are great skirmishes as the savages try to move north and grow there realm.
From time to time the Orcs make large attacks into Charbina to loot and pillage the lands but with time are beaten back and saftey returns.

None can now say what poet first wove the words which tell this tale; the poet has fallen as surely as the warriors whose bold deeds he has set down in song. But though the name has perished, still the song remains: in Valhalla it is sung, and down the far corridors its echo may yet be heard at the rise of the new people.

Campaign History of The Northern Waste

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