Campaign The Old Gods of The Northern Waste

Story by the Fire

In the telling of tales around a warm camp fire, The old man told me a story about The Old Gods. You know those Gods before the younger gods we worship now. The story goes that in the early days of life, there were only three gods. The Gods of Good, Evil, and Neutrality. One day Evil decided he had thought of a way to destroy Good and then gain control over Neutral. All three were brothers and sister. Evil coveted his sister Neutral and would destroy his brother Good to have her. With her in his power he would reign over man and beast in the new world with no equal. Evil had made one mistake, he thought neutral would not act in the defense of Good but this was not to be. At the moment before death took over Good, Neutral acted with true sincerity when she choose Good over Evil. In the war between Good and Evil, Good would not act directly against his brother himself but only through his servents as war should be. Neutral had decided that Evil had destroyed the balance between them when he had attacked Good himself, not through his servants. When Evil fell he swore to destroy all the lands to make Good suffer as his servents would perish in the destruction. Where as Evil’s servents would thrive to someday bring him back to return the balance or even better win the war. At this point the old man declared he was tired and must sleep for there is a storm coming and he must be ready for Evil.

The Failings of Religion

In recent years within Chyrisa the words of Goddess Larani, The Norse Gods and the Three Goddesses of the Mercian Gods have begun to fade. The concepts of honor and fealty have been lost amongst the freemen and the duties of man are no longer to each other, but themselves. What has shaken their faith is not known for it started long before word of doubt arose. Yet disbelief is palpable.

From the shadows of the Goddesses’ visage has risen a single voice; the Great Shadow; he that swallowed Zeal. And as the faith fails in the Goddesses so does his power grow. Whispers fill Denshy of ancients pacts, of false Goddesses. Is it true the Goddesses are servents of the shadow? Have they been a lie all these years? To the faithful this is heresy, deception placed upon the minds of those already lacking faith. Yet their cries of reason fall on deaf ears, for the Master of Deceit has many faces, and many tales to tell.

Silence is returned from the Halls of Valhalla. Have the gods forsaken us speaks the wiseone
for the lighting of Thor is silent. The sky is dim, not Balder’s brightness of a sunny day.
Could Loki have finaly betrayed Odin.

The absence of faith. Yet, the presence of pain, suffering, and darkness. It was Zeal that lost its faith at the hour of its greatest achievement. It is Denshy that has lost its faith at the hour of its greatest need. On the shadow of the horizon, old whispers. Ancient temples. The beginings of the unknown.

… The Elder God.

Campaign The Old Gods of The Northern Waste

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