The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

Ugnat's tale continued

With the recently found Finn Thorkensonat our disposal, Dulgar son of Stone Cutter leaves the party in Finn’s capable if not at least meat-shieldish hands. My party..teehe cleans out and vanquishes foes to and fro.Clearing out all the badies on the secound floor we come to the understanding that we didn’t search one of the rooms.Said room contains a chest and bed both in bad condition. and a cave big enouph for a halfling! inside me and the dog are assaulted by a swarm of rats in which i lead out in to the hall, as i so to say “hall some ass” out of there. With some quick wit"one of my greater attributes" i cover the ground at the end of the hall way with oil and burn the rats to mush.“Almost wish ”/campaigns/within-the-temple/characters/thorik-1" class=“wiki-content-link”>Thorik was in with them" we decide to leave the temple just to find a mage sitting on our cart in the distance along with Orin and Bjorn. His name is hard to remember!other than that we fight, get hurt, leave and i decide to go to town to do some juggling!

Finn Thorkinson log 1

I am Finn Thorkinson son of Olgrim Thorkinson the woodsman.I gave up on being a woodsman after my father died in a tragic accident. Soon there after I became part of the clans clergi, I was trained in simple weapons and many spells. I had to memorize most of the spells by command of my preist. I was traviling to a distant temple to cleanse an evil presance. As I was traviling I sensed a great urgency to be there as quickly as possible. In my hast I was blinded as a pair of goblins and an orc snuck behind me and rendered me unconsious, not too long afterwards a group of strange people happend upon my preisens, and when I ganed some sense I realised that I had little of what I had befor my journy began. This pary of adventurers accepted me and helped me by loaning me some equipment. No sooner than when we turn around to look in the rooms for my belongings the party decides to check all the rooms down the hall on which thay found me. Insted of my things we found the orc and two goblins that had found me after a few swings and a stab the small force was overtaken and defeted. This small band didnt have my stuff but did hold fruitful in such as the party had fun in removing any thing of value or any thing that may have value. Soon after the scuffle I descovered that I was not in a dungen I was in the temple I sought after to cleans. In the main hall I was outfitted for some simple armor and a weapon. we proceded to check the other hall but didnt get very far as there was a much larger door than the rest almost half way down the hall. One of the party members slowly opens the door to peak inside what he didnt count on was the door squeeking gave him away. Inside there were two large bearlike creatures and a very large troll of some kind. After a long battle, and a near death experince on my part, the adventurers decide to go back to town and sell their spoils. Shortly after this decision thay seemed to realise that their companion departed soon after my apperince had taken the wagon and horses back to town already.

The adventure continues

Seeing as I haven’t posted in a while I will give a brief summary of the occurrences that have happened thus far in the eyes of me Thorik the strong. We got our butt kicks pretty bad at the temple by a pesky goblin Mage. I lost most of my strength so we all retreated back to the town. While there we sold what loot we had and then decided to go to the bar. Me and UgnatTung the CliffFaller decided to by beer mugs that are kept at the tavern. While there I remembering our pony keg of fine wine traded it with the bar keep for a large keg of the nice moonshine that he marked as ours and he keeps it at his bar. Allesandra wanted to buy a horse but all there was in town where work horses. However our wise seer told us to wait. So we did and behold the lord of the land came with a large army for they were on a campaign further in the north fighting orcs and goblins we were able to both buy steeds which I named mine Bassi or little bear. We then soon after left back to go to the temple.
End of part 1

Allesandra log 2

We all got hurt pretty bad at the temple this time so we toke a weren’t going to go back so soon, an I wanted a Horse so I asked around. They didn’t really have any but working horse. Ulrick told me to wait around a little long. Then one day a big troop of man on horse back. They had more horse then man. The horse were big and strong and had see many battles. Some looked worst then others, so sad and tired. I still wanted a horse so I went to talk to him, Thorik came along he was thinking about get one too. He really only wanted wares, I wasn’t up for it. These was a tan horse that had just gotten there he was slower and hurt. He told me I could buy him, because he our had been killed. So I him as long as I toke good care of him. Though I could ride so I ask If he had someone that could training me. He had a guy for  my cropper ring for the training. Thorik did training with me he bount a gray short horse, like a big pony. And cliff did someone with the lord we got the horses from  and bount some land. 

Ugnat's thoughts
We as a group had decided to return to the village near Ulrics shack. we come with loot to sell and time to drink. Such is to be expected when you let the beer fund get to fat with copper. but as our pockets expand so do our imaginations take us. And so we decide to head out into the village to do what must be dun…. spend gold!!!! But the village is more lively than expected as the lord of the land flows through with his horde of calvalry at his back. And so trade relations begin, horses are bout, though such trivial creatures seem a waist of gold… a new ally is met “Morlandro” a fellow rogue shows his colors. Prospects of a grandios future form in my mind with thoughts of owning lands to the east in the lords realm.Orin son of Gildar is found to be the lords nephew. Ties to the lord are created, if only to inpower my chances to improve my standing. And with prospects of gold, glory, and fame on the horizon, It stands to be noticed that the fate of Ugnat the CliffFaller comes more in to view.And i think i see some gold in it!
Allesandra log

We were at Ulrick the cripple’s cabin as I played with Nessie, a tall human cleric walks up. He’s had dark hair and eyes like Thorik and cliff, but taller then me. He told us He was sent to cleanse or destroy the temple we found walking north, because Ulrick told us to go north. So we set off again for the 3rd time to the scary temple, that I don’t  wanna go into. But this time we have Thorik the dwarf fighter, Bjorn he’s a human cart driver, cliff faller the halfling theif and his young human body guard,  Dulgar and Anaximus  the two human Clerics.
As we’re all walking to the temple Nessie and I walk ahead of the others. Nessie runs off and well I follow her, as do the others. She take us to a cabin with the symbol of the traveling God on the door. And we stayed the night there, those that slept on the bed felt great and were healed, Now Thorik didn’t and felt like crap. Gornof stole a blanket and we all left. Then the blanket that Gornof took disappeared when he went to use it, it was gone. We traveled to the temple where we saw four wood elves and a someone small go in the temple the elves fired at us with there bows and say in Elvish “GO AWAY!!” over and over.
Thorik, Gornof, the body guard and Nessie run up to attack them, Cliff and I fire with are bows some hits are taken by all but we kill the four elves and all run to the door. Then we all move out of the way of the door then we opened the doors and arrows flew out hitting no one. Thorik RUNS in the temple attacking Them, There are six elves. I stayed by the door and fired my arrows at them, once we killed all of them and all took some hits to are health. Then we heard orcs and others things, we nail the door closed and go in to this room off to the side and Cliff opens the door and a big spider bigger then cliff jumps on him, I run to help I hit it then four baby spider attack me and Nessie, then Thorik runs in and helps. We kill all of then. The cleric helps us again, then on to the next room I look in and I see a brick that looks to move, so cliff the guy to always go first turns it and a smoke is released We all take damage. But then a door opens and we go in and there’s a goblin tied up for being good, he says they tied him up because he won’t do what they wanted. He heeled us and just left. And so did I. Some of the others stayed and some when to the cabin that helped us. I went to sell the stuff we took off the body’s of elves that hurt the others but not me. Go me and my elvish!!

Return to the temple

We return to the adventures in the care of Ulrick The Cripple. We are but a few days from returning to the temple and i find myself saddened to leave for Ulrich has very good moonshine, but the chance for loot and fame over come me. On the day before we leave a human cleric by the name of Anaximus Gornof a missionary of the God Pelor. He was sent to cleanse or destroy the temple we intend to go through. He joins the group making us have two clerics, the beautiful half elf Allesandra and her dog Nessie, the annoying thief Ugnat and his body guard, and lastly I the great dwarven tank Thorik.

We start the week long trek back to the temple with no happenings but halfway through the dog Nessie picks up a trail to an old halfway house that has 7 beds and the symbol of the traveling God lies on the door. upon entering our clerics notice that the room is imbued with magic and the party decides to trust the beds and sleep while i keep watch throughout the night. The rest of the group awakens with a new vigor and new strength to get to the temple of evil and destroy it.

We then after continue to the temple and upon arrival find that it is guarded outside by 4 wood elves. As we come closer they attack and i lead a charge up to them as the elf and thief shoot from behind us. I valiantly kill 2 of the elves as the rest of the group cares for the other two. We then open the doors outward as a volley of six arrows pass through. I then lead a charge around the corner and i kill 3 of the elvish warriors while the rest take the other 3. we then loot and regroup inside the antechamber we found magical elven boots, an elven belt and short sword i try the belt but it quickly harms me and with help from the thief i get it off. however the elf finds that the rest of the gear works perfectly well for her. Next the elf her dog and the thief move to loot the other two rooms. in the first the thief is overcome by a spider slightly bigger then he and 4 baby spiders no bigger then tarantulas. he takes minor damage but also is poisoned. the elf becomes poisoned also. i then charge around the corner and take out the big spider and also two of the small ones. we check the rest of the room and find 2 vials i test one and find that they are health potion and i gain back the health from the damage caused by the elvish belt. we then go to the other room and find a brick switch seeing as i am the strongest i turn the switch and a gas hits me in the face causing damage to me once again. the switch did however open a door where we find a goblin tied up for being too good and says he will heal me if we let him free which we do. After doing this we throw all the loot on to the wagon and the elf , thief , dog and i go back to the travelers house and rest the elf then continues to the village to sell the goods while i and the thief join the rest of the group and we wait the return of the elf.

06/15/2012 Decent into the temple of darkness

the bold band of four now including the cleric Dulgar Son of Stone Cutter along with the now remembered elfrangerAllesandra,the stuby warrior Thorik and the handsome and devilishUgnatTunghead north to find a temple a day week or so north of there camps location.deciding that after not being able to open the door, they would split up and search around the temple in hopes of finding a way in. During this search Thoric and Rannulfr run into 4 goblin archers. In which land a hit on Dulgar.But do to the impressive assualt by Thoric 2 of the goblins died while the other two retreated behind the temple.Quickly the two sprint behind the temple running into two orc warriors as combat begins between the orcs and Thoric/Dulgar the other two Ugnat Tung and Allesandra hear the fighting and charge arround the corner ready for backstabs and flank damage. the orcs and goblins are than easily dealt with. with highted endorphins and muscular power the group pushes open the door at the front of the temple to find a small room with 4 doors in it two heading to the back of the temple, and the others heading to the left and right. The party decides to check all the doors for traps finding none the part loos to see that there is two rooms that have rugs in them at fist glance and the alter room/church hall.while moving along the walk ways the party is ambushed by 12 goblin archers who drop the halfling and hurt the rest of the part before running when 4 are killed 2 by Thoric, one by the dog, and 1 by Ugnat who had been healed by Dulgar. The party then decides to check the front two rooms in which one had a alter dagger and the other had a dwarf filled trap.(we pulled Thorik out)and then worked around it to end up finding a copper ring in one of the old worn out robes.The party at the advisory of the cleric then checked the cathedral for any more rooms and found a long hall with a staircase heading to the second floor. after a failed attempt to cover the stairs with a rock that was standing beside it.The party then searches the room to find a lever while arrows fly from the secound floor. with lever in hand the second floor is sealed off for now. The party decides to gather the lot and return to town to happily find a trader who happens to be just overrun with gold in pocket who gladly takes the loot in exchange for gold. Thorik then buys a different cart and mule, allesandra (had bout wool blankets and a necklacelast time in town) decided to save her money but still buys bowstrings.while ugnat goes throughout the town in search fr a little hired help. that leads him to a young warrior(Orin son of Gildar) ready to leave at the right price.speaking of right prices Thoric finds a old coach driver who decides to help move the cart for a price of his own. With garanteed plunder on the horizon the party heads back to the forsaken temple.

06/15/2012 Persuit of adventure

While heading to the city of Ross to drop off the child, the trio decides to for a day go to a near village to renew supplies and sleep in a good well kept tavern. During which the meet a mage’s apprientice(Melissa) who decided that she would enjoy there company via an invite so as to pass the time on her journey to the north.Ross being to the north of this village allowed the trio to add this mage to there ranks if but until they reached there goal or decided to split ways. during the additional day spent i UGNAT TUNG THE CLIFFFALLER, once again successfully stole a purse full of coin from a unexpected passer by. In which he heard there was a bounty for the next day! lifting both the spirits of the halfling and dwarf as they realized the value of copper..And so the “beer fund” was formed from the copper at hand. with a weeks easy ride north to Ross the child and the goods were returned for a little gold,to be said better than none at all.the dwarf loses his favored black stone(black dragon egg)and leaves mind blown from the baronesses estate.(fantasy single home at center of town). After words the party decided to sell the cart and mule at an ok price to a stingy stable master in Ross. This of course at the advisory of the mage’s apprentice Melissa, who had better understanding of the journey north. As the party enters the room of the tavern for the day, Melisa begins to read a scroll in a foreign language(draconic), while simultaneously grabbing the party+dog and teleports them away,with little to no for warning in which almost leads to her demise when the dwarf and halfling think she is attacking. With small village to the north in sight an a small hut ahead the party follows Melissa into the hut(Oric the sear)who tells them that by tommorow night they will need to head to the north or they will all be in dire danger. But that they could stay at his place for the night to come. while getting drunk with the Thorik(the dwarf) the halfling(ugnat)leaves to go get better protection from the cold from the village storelodge.Getting a single wool blanket the happy halfling heads back to Orics hut,to find the Sear/cripple and Thorik hammered and the elf woman(forgot name)trying to share his sheets…… Maybe she got some of the drink aswell. With a refreshing bit of sleep and a massively hungover dwarf, the party gets supplies that might be needed while the dwarf and ulric speak to each other.while returning the halfling spots a bolt of lightning hitting outside the sear’s hut.rushing to check for dammage. the halfling finds a dwarf slightly singed putting his beans back in is pack,those being the explosive ones from before.with the elfwoman not far behind the trio heads to the north were they find that nght a campfire with a kind cleric waiting for them.

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