The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

Allesandra log 2

We all got hurt pretty bad at the temple this time so we toke a weren’t going to go back so soon, an I wanted a Horse so I asked around. They didn’t really have any but working horse. Ulrick told me to wait around a little long. Then one day a big troop of man on horse back. They had more horse then man. The horse were big and strong and had see many battles. Some looked worst then others, so sad and tired. I still wanted a horse so I went to talk to him, Thorik came along he was thinking about get one too. He really only wanted wares, I wasn’t up for it. These was a tan horse that had just gotten there he was slower and hurt. He told me I could buy him, because he our had been killed. So I him as long as I toke good care of him. Though I could ride so I ask If he had someone that could training me. He had a guy for  my cropper ring for the training. Thorik did training with me he bount a gray short horse, like a big pony. And cliff did someone with the lord we got the horses from  and bount some land. 



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