The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

Finn Thorkinson log 1

I am Finn Thorkinson son of Olgrim Thorkinson the woodsman.I gave up on being a woodsman after my father died in a tragic accident. Soon there after I became part of the clans clergi, I was trained in simple weapons and many spells. I had to memorize most of the spells by command of my preist. I was traviling to a distant temple to cleanse an evil presance. As I was traviling I sensed a great urgency to be there as quickly as possible. In my hast I was blinded as a pair of goblins and an orc snuck behind me and rendered me unconsious, not too long afterwards a group of strange people happend upon my preisens, and when I ganed some sense I realised that I had little of what I had befor my journy began. This pary of adventurers accepted me and helped me by loaning me some equipment. No sooner than when we turn around to look in the rooms for my belongings the party decides to check all the rooms down the hall on which thay found me. Insted of my things we found the orc and two goblins that had found me after a few swings and a stab the small force was overtaken and defeted. This small band didnt have my stuff but did hold fruitful in such as the party had fun in removing any thing of value or any thing that may have value. Soon after the scuffle I descovered that I was not in a dungen I was in the temple I sought after to cleans. In the main hall I was outfitted for some simple armor and a weapon. we proceded to check the other hall but didnt get very far as there was a much larger door than the rest almost half way down the hall. One of the party members slowly opens the door to peak inside what he didnt count on was the door squeeking gave him away. Inside there were two large bearlike creatures and a very large troll of some kind. After a long battle, and a near death experince on my part, the adventurers decide to go back to town and sell their spoils. Shortly after this decision thay seemed to realise that their companion departed soon after my apperince had taken the wagon and horses back to town already.



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