The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

Ugnat's thoughts

We as a group had decided to return to the village near Ulrics shack. we come with loot to sell and time to drink. Such is to be expected when you let the beer fund get to fat with copper. but as our pockets expand so do our imaginations take us. And so we decide to head out into the village to do what must be dun…. spend gold!!!! But the village is more lively than expected as the lord of the land flows through with his horde of calvalry at his back. And so trade relations begin, horses are bout, though such trivial creatures seem a waist of gold… a new ally is met “Morlandro” a fellow rogue shows his colors. Prospects of a grandios future form in my mind with thoughts of owning lands to the east in the lords realm.Orin son of Gildar is found to be the lords nephew. Ties to the lord are created, if only to inpower my chances to improve my standing. And with prospects of gold, glory, and fame on the horizon, It stands to be noticed that the fate of Ugnat the CliffFaller comes more in to view.And i think i see some gold in it!



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