The Northern Waste, Evil Within the Temple

Ugnat's tale continued

With the recently found Finn Thorkensonat our disposal, Dulgar son of Stone Cutter leaves the party in Finn’s capable if not at least meat-shieldish hands. My party..teehe cleans out and vanquishes foes to and fro.Clearing out all the badies on the secound floor we come to the understanding that we didn’t search one of the rooms.Said room contains a chest and bed both in bad condition. and a cave big enouph for a halfling! inside me and the dog are assaulted by a swarm of rats in which i lead out in to the hall, as i so to say “hall some ass” out of there. With some quick wit"one of my greater attributes" i cover the ground at the end of the hall way with oil and burn the rats to mush.“Almost wish ”/campaigns/within-the-temple/characters/thorik-1" class=“wiki-content-link”>Thorik was in with them" we decide to leave the temple just to find a mage sitting on our cart in the distance along with Orin and Bjorn. His name is hard to remember!other than that we fight, get hurt, leave and i decide to go to town to do some juggling!



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